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Environmental Protection Work

Sunlight Coking Group has always attached great importance to environmental protection, and taken comprehensive measures to reduce and eliminate environmental pollution according to the requirements of laws and policies.

Sunlight Group has established an environmental protection committee with the general manager acting as its director, which specified the environmental protection responsibilities at all levels, established and improved 11 environmental management systems, and standardized its internal environmental management mechanism. In the project construction process, Sunlight Group has strictly implemented environmental protection procedures, and ensured the construction of each project to be carried out according to the approval and accepted in a timely manner, and obtained discharge permit according to the relevant regulations.

Sunlight Group has always made the increase of investment in environmental protection as a top priority with respect to standard raising and reform, for which purpose it has newly built and improved many sets of environmental-friendly facilities with reliable quality, advanced technology and high efficiency, strengthened pollution control in the production process and made the treatment of atmospheric, water, solid waste, noise and VOCs, etc., reach the requirements of ultra-low or special emission limits.

Sunlight Group has attached great importance to environmental risk prevention and control, formulated environmental risk emergency plans, strengthened risk prevention in project construction, key units, key links, key parts, key installations and important positions, in order to eliminate hidden dangers in time, avoid and eliminate the occurrence of environmental accidents.

Sunlight Group will continue strengthening its legal awareness and red line awareness, adhering to the principle of “taking protection as priority, putting prevention first, implementing comprehensive management and taking responsibility for damages”, further improving its management level, as well as setting out on a cyclical, clean, green development path with unique characteristics of Sunlight Group.

1. Four Sets of Coke-Oven Gas Desulfurizer Projects

In September 2015, based on the grade 2 gas desulfurizer that has already built, Sunlight Group invested more than RMB 60 million in constructing 4 sets of coke-oven gas desulfurizers,i.e., respectively for 100-ton coke oven and 60-ton coke oven in Sunlight Group, No. 1 Plant and No. 2 Plant of Huatai. The desulfurization project adopts the single alkali wet desulfurization process using soda ash as alkali source. By the end of July 2016, all of the 4 desulfurizers have passed the environmental protection acceptance check, benefiting from which the sulfur dioxide in flue gas was basically controlled below 30 mg/m3.

2. Project Concerning Utilization of Waste Heat from Gas Desulfurizers for 1.4-Million-Ton Coke Ovens

In March 2017, Sunlight Group invested more than RMB 40 million in building two sets of flue gas desulfurization waste heat utilization modification and upgrade projects for 1.4-million-ton 6-meter coke ovens. This project adopts dry desulfurization and new catalytic flue gas desulfurization technology, after which, the concentration of SO2 in flue gas was stably controlled below 30mg/m3. Putting into use, the emission volume of SO2 in exhaust gas will be greatly reduced, and meanwhile, with recyclable dilute sulfuric acid produced and without any waste, which ensures the reasonable use of resources.

3. Upgrade and Modification of Gas Desulfurization System

In February 2017, Sunlight Group invested RMB 16 million in increasing gas desulfurization system with a capacity of 40,000 m3, which has been operated in parallel with grade 1 gas desulfurizer.

From 2014 to 2017, Sunlight Group successively invested more than RMB 30 million in increasing grade 2 gas desulfurization facilities, controlling the hydrogen sulfide in coal gas to be less than 30 mg/m3.

4. Coke Oven Low-Nitrogen Combustion Project

In August 2017, Sunlight Group invested more than RMB 12 million in increasing the heating air depleting devices respectively for 100ton, 60-ton and 140-ton coke ovens and coke sides in Sunlight Group and coke ovens and coke sides in No. 1 Plant and Huatai No. 2 Plant of Huatai. Through increasing the circulation amount of exhaust gas, it enables to slow down the burning speed of coal gas and exhaust gas, reduce the temperature at the bottom of fire channel, slow down burning speed, play the role of elongating flame, improve high-direction heating effect, so as to achieve the goal of uniform coke ripening and stable and on-spec NOX.

5. Coking Wastewater Upgrade and Modification Project

According to the special emission limit standard of “80mg/L of COD and less than 10mg/L of ammonia nitrogen” for the coking industry, in September 2017, Sunlight Group invested more than RMB 15 million in upgrading and modifying 4 sets of coking wastewater treatment systems. The main modification projects include: 1), add the advanced catalytic oxidation equipment for advanced treatment; 2), promote the enhanced biochemical treatment efficiency of QYB microbial synergist; 3), reform the aerobic tank and sludge concentration system; 4), replace the upgraded nano-floating system; 5), carry out maintenance and overhaul of system facilities.

6. Control and Treatment of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

In March 2017, Sunlight Group invested nearly RMB 20 million in implementing VOC treatment project for coal-coke plate production area and Anlun Chemical carbon black plant and tank area of refined plant, which solved the problem of VOC gas diffusion, improved the surrounding environment of Sunlight Group, and reduced the disorganized gas diffusion in the production area.

12 sets of VOCs treatment projects have been built in the headquarters and Huatai coal-coke plate sectors, including 4 sets of blast condensate zones, which adopted the process of washing + adsorption washing; 4 sets of desulfurization zones, which adopted the process of pickling tower + bath tower washing; 3 sets of crude benzene zones, which adopted the negative pressure return system process in the chemical plant of headquarters and Huatai No. 1 plant, and the process of washing oil + adsorption washing in Huatai No. 2 Plant; one set in the large oil depot area of the headquarters, which adopted the process of oil washing + adsorption washing. All the 12 sets were put into operation at the end of 2017.

After operation for the half year in 2018 and investigation of advanced technology in the industry, Sunlight Group decided to collect and wash blast condensate gas, and then return all the gases under negative pressure back to the closed circuit of gas system. At the end of August 2018, 2 sets in the headquarters and 1 set in Huakang No.1 Plant have been built and put into operation; change the odor collection in the desulfurization zone to return to the coking chamber of coke oven for combustion after passing through pickling tower and washing tower, this project is in modification process currently and is expected to be completed and put into operation before October 20, 2018.

7. Huatai No. 2 Plant Ground Station Upgrade and Modification

In April 2017, Sunlight Group invested more than RMB 7 million in modifying the original vehicle dust removal system in Huatai No.2 Plant, and building a new water-sealed bag ground dedusting station, which was put into operation at the end of July 2017, and reduced the particulate matter content of flue gas to be below 30mg/m3.

8. Boiler Flue Gas Desulfurization and Denitrification Ultra-Low Emission Project

In April 2017, Sunlight Group invested more than RMB 60 million in upgrading and modifying the flue gas desulfurization and denitrification of Huasheng power coal-fired boilers and Anlun carbon black exhaust gas boilers, through which Sunlight Group fully realized the ultra-low emission of boilers. For the desulfurization purpose in this project, 3 sets of wet desulfurization towers plus tube spray devices were added, and the process of limestone + gypsum was adopted; for the denitrification purpose in this project, 3 sets of low nitrogen combustion systems were added on the basis of the original SNCR denitration process.

9. Railway Station Closed Coal Shed Project

In June 2017, Sunlight Group invested more than RMB 10 million in fully carrying out the enclosed transformation of the open-pit coal storage yard in the railway special station, in order to improve the dust control and treatment level of coal yard, which is the first environmental-friendly closed coal yard in Hejin City. Covering an area of 10,000 m2 with a height of 29 m, it broke the traditional coal yard design and realized the automatic fully closed operation of coal loading system, which reduced dust and saved resources. It was put into operation in January 2018.

10. Huatai No. 2 Plant Coalfield Gas Film Sealing Project

In February 2017, Sunlight Group actively responded to the national environmental protection policies and invested more than RMB 7 million in building new coalfield gas film sealing project in Huatai No. 2 Plant. The coal shed covers an area of 12,000 m2, the bottom of which is made up of concrete bar at the height of 2.7 meters and length of 415 meters, with the high-strength PVC materials imported from Japan as single layer air film, wrapping with steel wire at the outer part of the air film. The system uses the air pressure difference inside and outside the air film to ensure the brace of air film, while the supporting intelligent management system could automatically start and close 6 explosion-proof pipeline centrifugal fans, so as to ensure the air pressure inside the shed to reach 350 Pa. Where the air pressure inside the shed is higher than 350 Pa, the air could also be discharged through 6 pressure relief holes. In case of power outage in the plant, the self-contained generators of the system could also supply power in time to ensure the normal operation of air film.

On July 1, 2018, it was put into trial operation. As soon as a vehicle accesses to/exist from coalfield arrive at the coal shed door, the intelligent monitoring system could automatically open the first door within 5 seconds, and after the vehicle has entered, the first door would close and the second door would open automatically. The intelligent monitoring system could also ensure good ventilation in the coal shed and meet fire protection requirements through intelligent ventilation calculation.


11. Unorganized Smoke Dust Treatment Project

To resolve the impact of unorganized smoke and dust on the overall appearance of plant area, in 2017, Sunlight Group made great efforts and invested nearly RMB 20 million in the control and treatment of smoke and dust. The main projects include: modify the coal tamping dust removal system; add two grade 2 dust removal systems to 5 sets of coke oven quenching towers; add 3 sets of vehicle rinsing devices to coal yard; add dust screens, vehicle rinsing devices and initial-stage rainwater collection pool to railway stations; and add dust screens around coal yard and coke field, and add road sweepers, vacuum trucks and sprinklers in the plant area.

12. Plant Area Greening Project

In 2017, in accordance with the landscaping principle of “Matching Species with The Site”, and laying emphasis on the suitability and diversity of plant varieties, Sunlight Group engaged professional landscaping team to organize professionals to make the overall greening planning and design for the plant area, and increased capital investment in optimizing the allocation of garden plants that adapt to the climate and site conditions of the plant area, having a high plant coverage without revealing loess, and to achieve the harmony of arbor, irrigation, grass and flowers, it added more than 10,000 m2 of flowers and lawns in 8 plants and office areas, and planted more than 50,000 trees of over 20 kinds such as hinokicedar, lobular privet, golden leaf privet, red leaf heather, sophora japonica, clustered big leaf privet, Chinese ilex, lacebark pine, juniper, hibiscus, cherry, sisal, ligustrun lucidum, holly willow and rose, with a greening rate exceeding 20%.

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