About Sunlight
Making constant innovation in management system and industry sector, and dedicating to provide better products and services to the society.
Enterprise Mission: Change Life!

Every staff

Starting from the heart

To work with passion, and live a happy life

To create extraordinary life

To develop in a green way, and lead the industry

To create a new business success model


Change life

Spread warmth all over the world!

Core Values

Respect promise: respect your own words

Truth: tell the truth and facts

Responsibility: take responsibility for your acts

Pursuing excellence: strive for high performance and winning first place

Enterprise Development
We are committed to starting from the source to create a new unprecedented enterprise model, form an enterprise culture that could be passed on continuously, and to realize enterprise visions.
We are committed to breaking through our existing knowledge, creating unprecedented technologies and products, and promoting industrial transformation for the benefit of all mankind.
We are committed to protecting ecological environment rather than taking from it, improving ecological environment, facilitating ecological regeneration, and bringing benefit to human beings, no matter where our plant or office has been built.
Products (Quality)
We are committed to designing, carrying out lean production, and providing service in an elaborate way, and cooperating with customers in creating cutting-edge products.
We are committed to starting from our heart to create mutual-trust and mutual-support relationships with our customers, in order to realize a win-win situation and change life.
We are committed to supporting each other and growing together, creating a passionate, efficient and energetic team and enhancing happiness index.
We are committed to creating a new extraordinary business model for the society, so that we could be proud to say: "We have changed our lives!"
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