About Sunlight
Making constant innovation in management system and industry sector, and dedicating to provide better products and services to the society.
Short-Term Planning
To realize the goals of "Ranking First in China for Four Products" in 1-2 years
Naphthalene Series of Products

With an annual tar processing capacity of 1.08 million tons and an annual output of industrial naphthalene of 120,000 tons, Sunlight Group is the industrial naphthalene manufacturer with the largest single plant scale in China. Sunlight Group proposes to take full use of its advantages in industrial naphthalene resources, and plans to construct a dyes and pigment intermediates cluster with a capacity of 120,000 tons. By then, Sunlight Group will enter the dyes and pigments industry.

Benzene Series of Products

Sunlight Group will build the largest benzene series deep processing project in China, in which it plans to build a fine chemical intermediate product chain based on resorcinol and m-aminophenol by taking use of its own coking benzene products and steam and power resources. The project will start its construction in 2019, and after the completion of which Sunlight Group will enter the tires and rubber additives industry.

Mesocarbon Microbeads Products

With the rapid development of electric vehicles and energy-storage lithium batteries, the domestic demands for the anode materials of lithium battery will increase substantially. Sunlight Group will use refined coal tar pitch as raw material to build a mesocarbon microbeads project with an annual output of 40,000 tons, through which it will act as a raw materials supplier for lithium battery and nuclear power graphite reactor. 

Microfiber Cotton Products

Using self-produced coke-oven gas as fuel, Sunlight Group plans to build a microfiber cotton project with an annual output of 80,000 tons, thus to realize its transformation to the new energy materials industry.

All the aforesaid four series of projects including industrial naphthalene and downstream intermediates, coking benzene and intermediates, mesocarbon microbeads, and microfiber cotton will have the largest production capacity scale in China, which will form China’s top dyeing and new material industrial park, linking upstream and downstream industries to build a world-class new material industry enrichment area. By then, taking into consideration of the carbon black expansion project and phthalic anhydride project in the same period, the total output value of Sunlight Group could reach RMB 15 billion.

Sunlight Group is striving to list on the main board in 2021.

Medium-Term Goals

Firstly, to build another large-scale coke oven with a capacity of 6 million tons, and carry out the supporting advanced dry quenching cogeneration and power generation project, in order to achieve a comprehensive annual output value of various products of RMB 11 billion.

Secondly, to build a new methanol project with a capacity of 1.8 million tons, by taking use of the existing coke-oven gas sources and new coke-oven gas resources and introducing the supporting advanced coke gasification technology. To build a new olefins project with a capacity of 600,000 tons and its supporting polyolefin co-production project, through relying on self-produced low-cost methanol resources and applying the internationally advanced methanol conversion (MTO) and olefin cracking (OCP) separation technologies, in order to achieve a comprehensive annual output value of RMB 5 billion.

After the aforesaid two projects have been put into production, the annual output value of Sunlight Group will have an increase of RMB 16 billion, and its total annual output value could reach RMB 31 billion, thus realizing the five-year strategic goal of doubling output value and "re-creating a Sunlight."

Long-Term Goals
To realize the development vision of achieving an output value of

In the next 10 years, the group companies will integrate a coke capacity of 20 million tons through various capital operation methods such as joint venture cooperation, mergers and acquisitions and custody integration. Meanwhile, Sunlight Group will extend supporting chemical product industry chain, and build 4 chemical product chains at million-ton level and industrial clusters by taking use of coke-oven gas, syngas, coking benzene and other chemical resources, which will include:

Ethylene glycol and polyethylene glycol product chain;

Ethylene-to-ethylene generation, benzene hydrogenation and supporting styrene and styrene-butadiene rubber product chain;

Propylene-to-propylene epoxide-and-propylene-glycol product chain;

To take use of the aforesaid chemical resources and add other chemical raw materials to further synthesize resin products.

The above projects will add an output value of RMB 70 billion.

By then, the group companies will achieve:
30 million tons
Coke Capacity
RMB 100 billion
Total Output Value
RMB 8 billion
Tax Payment & Profit
5 million tons
Capacity of Various Chemical Products
In 2030
Rank in China Top 100 Private Enterprises
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