About Sunlight
Making constant innovation in management system and industry sector, and dedicating to provide better products and services to the society.
Since 1988
Clean, Environment-Friendly and Advanced Coal Char Chemicals and New Materials Enterprise Group

Shanxi Sunlight Coking Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988, after 30 years of continuous development, it has become a clean, environment-friendly and advanced coal char chemicals and new materials enterprise group integrating “coal mining, raw coal washing, coke smelting, tar processing, fine chemicals, new carbon materials, self-generated power plant, railway transportation, coal gas external supply, logistics and trade, international trade and other businesses".


Sunlight Coking Group is a provincial-level economic and technological development zone located in Hejin City, Shanxi Province, and the main contractor for construction of 6 “coking production bases at 10-million-ton level” in Shanxi Province. Sunlight Coking Group has an annual coal output of 5 million tons, annual raw coal washing of 8 million tons, annual coke output of 5 million tons, annual external coal gas supply volume of 1 billion m3, and annual power generation capacity of 800 million kWh. In addition, Sunlight Group has an annual coal tar processing capacity of 1.08 million tons, annual carbon black output of 500,000 tons, and anthracene oil processing capacity of 100,000 tons, and is capable of producing more than 40 kinds of chemical products such as refined anthracene, carbazole and anthraquinone; has a self-built railway industrial station with an annual cargo handling capacity of nearly 20 million tons and more than 200 large-scale vehicles for road transportation, which provide convenient logistics conditions; has an independent coal research center and a carbon black R&D center, which provide precise supports for the development of products and core technologies.


Over the years, Sunlight Group has insisted on standardizing its operations and paying taxes in accordance with laws and regulations all the time, for which it has paid various kinds of taxes and fees of over RMB 300 million each year, and has accumulatively made contribution of more than RMB 10 billion to our country and society. Sunlight Group has kept adhering to the concept of “Green Development & Serving the Country Through Industry”, and kept in mind of making contribution to the society and actively providing funds for social glorious undertakings and public welfare undertakings. Since 2000 up to now, its accumulated supplies and funds donation has reached RMB 130 million. The development of Sunlight Group has also boosted the prosperity of the local transportation industry and service industry, which has benefited tens of thousands of local residents.


Sunlight Group has been successively awarded as the “National Model Workers' Home”, “Top 100 National Double-Strong Party Organization”, “National Double-Love and Double-Evaluation Advanced Enterprise”, “National Model Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relations”, “Glorious Star”, "Contract-Compliance & Promise-Keeping Unit", "Environmental Protection Model Enterprise", "Model Taxpayer", "Shanxi Province Spiritual Civilization Advanced Unit" and other honorary titles by relevant departments at national, provincial and municipal levels.


At present, covering an area of more than 5,000 mu and having 6,000 employees, Sunlight Group is the vice-president unit of China Coking Industry Association, one of “Top 5 Enterprises” in the carbon black industry, and an “up-and-coming star” in the fine chemicals and carbon materials industries. Sunlight Group has ranked among the best in the industry in the aspects of industrial scale, product categories, technical equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, corporate management and social contribution, with an enterprise asset and an annual output both exceeding RMB 10 billion. Its main features include:


Obvious circular economy characteristics. Sunlight Group has formed a coal chemical industry chain centering on “coal-coke- by-products of coke – tar deep processing – carbon black – refined products – carbon materials, etc.”, with good economic benefits, society benefits and environmental benefits.


Strong scientific and technological research and development strength. Sunlight Group has a provincial-level technology center, and has established a research team integrating industry university and research with Liaoning University of Science and Technology, Anhui University of Technology, Beijing Branch of Coal Research Institute, ACRE Coking & Refractory and other institutes, and won more than 30 national patents each year, which provided strong supports for the development of new products and new technologies.


Scientific management and efficient work. Sunlight Group has a core management team consisting of outstanding professionals, and has implemented flat management with respect to its subordinate enterprises and big data information management for production and operation. Benefiting from advanced research and development, precise production and intelligent management, Sunlight Group has operated in an efficient manner and become a benchmark enterprise for scientific management in the industry.


Ongoing transformation and unprecedented development. Although Sunlight Group is a resource-based enterprise, it is sparing no effort to transform into an innovative enterprise. Centering on its grand goal of “Building a World-Renowned Coal Chemical Enterprise”, Sunlight Group has already achieved the world's highest output of carbon black in single plant, and is striving to “rank first in China with respect to the outputs of four products including naphthalene series, benzene series, carbon materials and microfiber cotton and complete company listing in 2021, and to rank among Top 100 Chinese Private Enterprises in 2025.

High quality and stable clients. Dianmin brand metallurgical coke produced by Sunlight Group has been assessed as a provincial-level brand-name product, which has been sold well both at home and abroad and enjoyed a high reputation in the industry. With respect to the carbon black business, Sunlight Group has established long-term and stable partnerships with more than 30 large clients such as Bridgestone, Yokohama, Cooper, Hankook and Linglong. In addition, its fine chemical products also occupy a large market share in China.

Humanity Culture of Hejin City

Hejin City is located in the southwestern part of Shanxi Province, and the northwest corner of Yuncheng City, embracing by both the mother river of Chinese nation -Yellow River and the mother river of Shanxi Province - Fen River, with a land area of 593 m2 and a total population of 400,000 people.


Having a long history, Hejin was named as Geng in the Spring and Autumn Period, and was put under the administration of Pi County in Qin Dynasty, with an ancient name as Longmen. It’s where the legends such as "Dayu Controlling Water" and "Fish Leaping Longmen", and Xi Que couple’s well-known story of "Respecting Each Other as a Guest" occurred. Confucius, Gao Zu, Bu Zixia, Sima Qian - Chinese history master, Wang Bo – one of the Four Literary Eminences in Early Tang, Xue Rengui – a famous general in Tang Dynasty, Dong Qiwu - the former vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and many other historical celebrities are born in Hejin City. Hejin City has 28 intangible cultural heritages at the national, provincial and municipal levels, especially among which the Lu's Ancestral Glazes was listed in the national intangible cultural heritage catalogue.


Hejin City has abundant resources. As the Yellow River and Fen River pass through Hejin City, its annual runoff volume of surface water is 35.2 billion m3, the annual exploitable volume of groundwater is 320 million m3, and the daily water supply volume of the Yellow River water lifting project could reach 500,000 m3. With a raw coal reserves of 680 million tons, Hejin City is the best raw coal mining place in Hedong coalfield. In addition, Hejin City is also rich in limestone, pyrite and other mineral resources. The two natural gas pipelines of Guohua Energy and Guoxin Energy cover the whole territory of Hejin City, with a daily natural gas volume of 1.5 million m3.


Hejin City has a superior location and is known as the “Fortress of the State Qin and State Jin, and the Gateway of Northwest China”, which is located at the head part of the Yellow River Gorge between Shanxi Province and Shaanxi Province, and faces Hancheng City, Shaanxi Province across the Yellow River. The 209 National Highway, Hubei Expressway and Menghua Railway run through the north and south parts of Hejin City, while the 108 National Highway, Houxi Railway and Jingkun Expressway traverse the east and west parts of Hejin City, and the Hancheng-Hejin-Houma Inter-City Railway is included in the Central Plains urban agglomeration planning. In its surrounding areas, there are 3 airports respectively in Yuncheng, Linfen and Xi'an. The density of roads per 100 m2 in Hejin City reaches 148km, wit 4 large warehousing and logistics centers, 11 railway shipping stations and more than 70 various types of transportation companies, forming a three-dimensional transportation system of railways, highways and aviation.


Hejin City is active in industry development where many well-known central enterprises such as CHALCO and China Coal have gathered while many top 100 private enterprises such as Sunlight and Hongda have developed vigorously, based on which Hejin City has formed its new industrial development pattern of putting coal coking, coal-electric aluminum and steel casting as three major pillars and taking as photovoltaic solar, precise casting, modern medicine, fine chemicals, building materials and other industries as development directions, with a production capacity of 2.6 million tons of alumina, 500,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum, 15 million tons of raw coal, 10 million tons of coke and 4.5 million tons of steel. At present, Hejin City is endeavoring to build a national-level new-type aluminum-magnesium alloy industrial base and a fine chemicals industry base.

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