High Standard, Steady Step and Good Effect // The First Batch of "Demonstration Post of Plant Director" Passed Acceptance
NEWS | 09,22,2018

Sunlight News ( Report by Han Xukang). Recently, in order to continuously promote the “6S” management of plant, the Safety Department organized the Production Department and all business units to build the first batch of 12 “Demonstration Posts of Plant Director” for 2 months, all of which have passed acceptance.


Before activity launch, the Safety Department specially selected 12 posts with the worst environmental conditions, the most potential pollution sources and the most difficulties to maintain as demonstration posts, such as Coke Warehouse of No.1 Coking Plant, Screen Coke Building of No.2 Coking Plant, Coal-Blending Warehouse and so on. According to the “6S Management Measures”, the manager of the department Qin Xiaofeng and the engineer Wang Anmin had repeatedly reviewed and formulated the “Acceptance Standards for the Demonstration Post for Plant Director” and the “Maintenance Standards”, strived to build a high-standard post and create a good and safe working environment for employees. They also combined the post environment and the number of participants to set the building time and ensure the steady step of the activity.


During the activity, through personal involvement and creation, the plant director actually experienced the work difficulties of employees, and actively proposed measures to contribute to promote this activity. The Coke Warehouse of No.1 Coking Plant was originally dusty, poorly ventilated and had many hidden dangers. The plant cleaned the unnecessary items and cleaned up the safety passage by installing a dust curtain at the discharge port, adding a fog gun at the small material port, and replacing the large horsepower fan of the warehouse, which ensured the safe operation of employees. The Screen Coke Building of No.2 Coking Plant originally had waste products that were piled up indiscriminately, and it was difficult to manage dripping and leaking. The employees always felt down. This time, the plant developed a special solution to clean up all kinds of sundries, seal the vibrating screen and chute, solve the oil leakage problem of reducer, visualize marking and standardize the warning line, warning words and pipeline direction mark. Wei Erlin said: "I have never expected this place could be so clean!" In the acceptance, the acceptance team was always surprised by all changes.


The post that passed acceptance carried out daily maintenance according to the standards. In these places, there was no dust accumulation on the ground, no dust in the air, no leakage in the facilities, with the equipment in good status. At present, the Safety Department is organizing all units to visit and study crossly, continuing the post creation in accordance with the “Demonstration Post of Plant Director” and striving to complete all posts before the end of the year.

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