Huakang Co-Sponsored the National Annual Conference for Glass Microfiber Cotton and the Relevant Products
NEWS | 09,22,2018

Sunlight News (Reported by Feng Di) On September 13, Huakang Green Building Materials Co., Ltd. co-sponsored the 2018 National Annual Conference for Glass Microfiber Cotton and the Relevant Products in Hejin City, with more than 100 representatives of enterprises from all over China attended the conference.

The annual conference was sponsored by Fiberglass Branch of China Silicate Association and Jiangsu Silicate Association, and co-sponsored by Thermal Insulation Materials Committee of Jiangsu Silicate Association. The theme of the annual conference is “deepening the adjustment for supply-side structure and purifying the fair competition behavior in the market”. The Chairman of Sunlight Group Xue Dianmin and Deputy General Manager Zhang Weiping attended the annual conference.

Mayor of Hejin City Zhao Jianxi attended the annual conference. Shi Yujiang, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Hejin, and Guo Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing Fiberglass Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., respectively made a speech. Liu Jinyun, Deputy Director of the Microfiber Industry Special Committee, presided over the annual conference. Li Xiangfeng, Executive Deputy General Manager of Huakang, made a welcome speech.

Shi Yujiang pointed out that the convening of the national fiberglass industry meeting will play an active role in accelerating the development of the glass microfiber cotton industry in Hejin City, and will have a profound impact on the quality improvement and green development of the national glass microfiber cotton industry. On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Hejin Municipal Government, he sincerely invited entrepreneurs and talents from all industries to participate in the industry development of Hejin.

Guo Wei pointed out that the Microfiber Special Committee is mainly engaged in the research and development of manufacturing and research for microfiber cotton, separators, filter materials and the development for raw materials and supporting equipment. Since the establishment of the association for 18 years, it has been focusing on green, high-efficient and intelligent manufacturing, and has continued to innovate and play a coordinating effect, which has promoted the continuous growth of the economic benefits of the industry. The scale of the industry has continued growing, and the endogenous power has been significantly enhanced. The annual production rate of fiberglass cotton has reached 20% in the past ten years. At present, more than 60 enterprise institutes have gathered. 

The annual sales income of the industry exceeded RMB 3 billion. Hence, the next step is to strengthen confidence, take the initiative to adapt to the new normal, take green development to lead the industry's progress as a mission, and enhance the value of the entire industry chain. It is necessary to give full play to its own advantages, accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring, and explore high-quality development models. We must make innovation continuously, promote the healthy development of the microfiber industry, and make new contributions to economic and social development.

The annual conference also licensed 9 companies involved in the preparation of standards for fiberglass industry, such as Huakang and Sinoma. In the academic exchange activities in that day, relevant experts made wonderful reports on the topic of "Industry Market Analysis and Work Summary",  "The Situation and Quality of Domestic Lead-acid Battery", "Glass Furnace Overview and Technology Development" and "Application of Glass Microfiber Cotton ".

In the afternoon, the participants also visited Sunlight Group, Anlun, Haolunke, Huakang and other enterprises. At the evening, Sunlight Group held an appreciation dinner and cultural performance in Huakang, with the theme of “working together to create brilliant future”.

After the annual conference, the Chairman of Board Xue Dianmin also met and had cordial talks with some key customers, inviting them to further strengthen cooperation to achieve a win-win situation.

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