Sunlight Academy
The Exhibition Halls of Sunlight Academy Have Been Rebuilt in August 2018, with A Total Area of 800 m2 and An Investment of More Than RMB 3 Million

The exhibition halls of Sunlight Academy have been rebuilt in August 2018, with a total area of 800 m2 and an investment of more than RMB 3 million, which are used as the staff training base of Sunlight Group. The exhibition halls consist of lobby, safety hall, environmental protection hall, and lean production hall.

The walls of both sides of lobby recorded the development milestones of Sunlight Group, including each development node of group companies with historical turning-point meaning from 1988 to 2018.

In the exhibition halls, we could also see the future development plans of Sunlight Group, including its short-term goals, medium-term goals and long-term goals. Sunlight Group is striving to realize “Sunlight Dreams” step by step.

As for the four projects aiming at ranking first in China in our short-term plans, the microfiber cotton project has been put into production, and the mesocarbon microbeads project is about to be put into production, while the benzene series and naphthalene series projects will be built and put into operation in the next two years.

The safety hall includes safety past, present and future showrooms.

The safety past showroom displays Sunlight Group's safety management philosophy and development history; and the main honors it has won.

The safety present showroom displays the current safety management status of  four major industry segments of group companies, which could also display safety cases through video.

The safety future showroom displays our expectation for safety management in future. The future safety management will be transformed from government-led and industry-managed mode to enterprises' comprehensive and self-controlled safety management.

Sunlight Group has made a safety investment of over RMB 8 million every year. Meanwhile,  its humane care and intrinsic safety are constantly improving, which have already ranked among the best in the industry.

The main display screen in the environmental protection hall shows Sunlight Group's entire process of environmental protection management and control. In accordance with national laws and regulations, Sunlight Group has increased its investment in environmental protection, in order to meet the requirements of ultra-low or special emission limits for atmosphere, water, solid waste, noise and VOCs, etc..

The secondary display screen mainly shows more than 20 environmental protection upgrade and modification projects, with a total investment of RMB 330 million.

Lean management hall includes the office lean showroom, plant lean showroom, and warehouse lean showroom.

The lean management hall displays Sunlight Group's current development status of lean management. At present, we are implementing 6S management, 8 major waste elimination and lean management projects. The promotion of lean management lays a foundation for the sustainable development of Sunlight Group.

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