Shanghai Huabiao Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Huabiao Investment Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanxi Sunlight Coking Group Co., Ltd., which has been mainly engaged in procuring raw materials for Sunlight Group and selling products produced by Sunlight Group, and established stable trade relations with plenty of clean coal suppliers and coke users. Through taking advantages of the free trade zone, lawful use of free trade account and real trade background, Huabiao strives to utilize banks’ financial products to maximize the capital gains of Sunlight Group under the premise of risk control.

Company Advantages

1.Professional team: Huabiao has a professional team consisting of senior talents in domestic and international financial industry and specialists with overseas financial background, which enables it to have professional operating capability and strong resource integrating capacity.

2.Extensive business areas: As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunlight Group, Huabiao has maintained close relationships with upstream coal enterprises and downstream steel and chemical enterprises, which enables it to expand business scope and investment areas for Sunlight Group according to market conditions, national policies and industry prospects, etc..

3.Diversified financing methods: Huabiao could select different financing methods such as equity investment, project investment and equity swap according to market conditions, customer demands and other factors. In addition to its individual investment, Huabiao could also make joint investment together with other investment institutions or cooperate with banks in providing a variety of financing services.

4.Strong cooperation network: Huabiao has established a good cooperation mechanism with many large financial institutions, which enables it to mobilize various kinds of financial resources as required in a prompt manner. Huabiao has established extensive contacts with domestic and foreign investment institutions, law firms, accounting firms and consulting agencies, so as to facilitate further business cooperation.

5.Risk control system: Huabiao has comprehensively applied various kinds of risk response strategies, such as risk avoidance, risk diversification, risk hedging, risk transfer, risk compensation and risk acceptance, in order to provide reasonable guarantee for the realization of its business objectives.

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Shanghai Huabiao Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Address: Zhongbang Business Park, No. 1024, Zhongbang Business Park, Wangqiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Tel. No.: 021-50799996

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