Sunlight Huayi Investment Co., Ltd.

Sunlight Huayi Investment Co., Ltd. (“Sunlight Huayi”) was incorporated in Beijing in 2008 with a registered capital of RMB 50 million. It is an emerging comprehensive company integrating investment, trade, logistics, financing with consulting services. In the context of the fast-growing Chinese market and under the management of experienced talents and management team, Sunlight Huayi, relying on years of in-depth understanding and professional knowledge in steel and the corresponding upstream and downstream industries, extensive relationships with domestic steel mills, keen market insight as well as strong risk control capability, has kept following market change tendency, and committed to providing customers with bulk products trade and financing services in an accurate and efficient manner, in order to obtain dual benefits by realizing both customer group value and company value.

As an investor of Sunlight Huayi Investment Co., Ltd., Shanxi Sunlight Coking Group Co., Ltd. also has industrial investments in the relevant industries. Having a coking plant with an annual output of high-quality metallurgical coke of 5 million tons and a coal chemical plant with an annual processing capacity of coal chemical derivatives (including tar and its deep processing, ammonium sulfate, crude benzene, carbon black, barium sulfate and anthracene oil, etc.) of 1.1 million tons in Shanxi Province, China, its total assets scale reached RMB 6 billion and annual industrial output value reached RMB 10 billion. In addition, as a shareholder of Tenghui Coal, Hufeng Coal, Wuxing Coal and other coal mining companies, its annual output reached 3 million tons.

Benefiting from our deep investment and operation in coal coke, ore and steel industry chain, and the establishment of relationship network by our employees over the years, our bulk product trading activities, with coke, iron ore and steel as main focuses, taking market as the orientation, putting the increase of customer value as a core, and treating the win-win situation of customer and company as an ultimate goal, has provided customers with one-stop supply chain services which integrate all links from raw material procurement at home and broad, inland transportation, warehousing and logistics, commodity inspection to ship chartering and space booking and other links. In all links of trading process, Sunlight Huayi has kept adhering to the concept of “achieving business success by acting in good faith and good morality”, working in an efficient manner, treating others with integrity and making new friends widely, so as to create business opportunities jointly and winning the future together with others.

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Sunlight Huayi Investment Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 1215, Block T1A, Wangjing SOHO, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel. No.: 010-84373895

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