Hejin Sunlight Logistics Co., Ltd.

Established on January 28, 2008, Hejin Sunlight Logistics Co., Ltd. is one of the youngest units directly subordinate to Sunlight Group. Since its establishment, it has attached great importance to the overall development of Sunlight Group and taken active measures to reduce costs and increase transport capacity through multiple channels and stabilize freight rates, which laid a good foundation for the production and operation of Sunlight Group. After years of development, Sunlight Logistics has made continuous management innovation and improvements in system and process, applied domestically and internationally advanced technologies constantly, and created a logistics information management platform that is suitable for Sunlight Group, in order to guarantee sufficient transport capacity in an efficient way, and greatly reduce the transportation cost of Sunlight Group.

At present, Sunlight Logistics has 184 vehicles in total, including 132 trucks for transporting dangerous tar products, with an annual transport capacity of coal tar of 720,000 tons; 22 semi-trailers mainly for transporting clean coal from Tenghui Mine source, with a monthly transport capacity of about 70,000 tons; and 30 dump trucks mainly for serving production and transportation tasks assigned by group companies.

Sunlight Logistics has modern working environment; and maintenance workshops with first-class equipment, enabling it to meet repair and maintenance requirements at different levels; through applying the efficient logistics information exchange platform and advanced GPS positioning monitoring system, its logistics efficiency has been greatly improved.

Bafangda Railway Freight Transport Company

Established in July 2018, Shanxi Bafangda Railway Freight Transport Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanxi Sunlight Coking Group Co., Ltd., the predecessor of which was the Transportation Department of Shanxi Sunlight Coking Group Co., Ltd.. At present, Bafangda has two railway lines, i.e.,  Sunlight Special Railway and Huatai Special Line respectively connecting to Qingjian Railway Station and Hejin Railway Station, which are mainly used for the railway transportation and external operation of products produced by group companies.

The construction of Sunlight Special Railway started in 1998, which was approved by Linfen Railway Sub-Bureau of  the former Beijing Railway Bureau and constructed by Nantie Engineering Company. It passed the completion acceptance conducted by the Chief Engineering Office of former Linfen Railway Sub-Bureau on February 1, 2000, and then was officially put into operation on March 1, 2000. The phase II extension project of Sunlight Special Railway was designed by the Taiyuan Reconnaissance and Design Institute of the former Beijing Railway Bureau, and constructed by Shanxi Nantie Railway Engineering Company. It passed completion acceptance on July 31, 2002, and then was officially put into operation in August 2003. In 2008, the industrial station extension of Sunlight Special Railway was designed by Taiyuan Railway Design Institute, and constructed by Sanjin Railway Construction Yuncheng Engineering Branch, which was then officially put into operation on November 26, 2017.

Sunlight Special Railway is connected to No.12 Railway Turnout of Qingjian Station, Houma Train Operation Depot, China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd.. Having a total length of 21,782m and an effective length of 18,561m, Sunlight Special Railway could accommodate 800 railway carriages, with a distance of 4.539km from station centerline to Bafangda. Sunlight Special Railway is a second-class railway line for industrial enterprises, which adopts steel rails of 50 kg/m and reinforced concrete pillows, using reinforced concrete pillows as switch ties in electric switches and anti-corrosion wooden pillows as switch ties in manual switches, with crushed stone ballast and No. 9 switches. Huatai Special Line has a total length of 1750m, which could accommodate 114 railway carriages.


Main Advantages:

1.Having been operated for nearly 20 years, Sunlight Special Railway cultivated a firm railway transportation management team, which has been assessed as the “Advanced Collective” of group companies for many times, and was once awarded the titles of “Model Collective” of Hejin City and “Worker Pioneer” of Yuncheng City.

2.Its facilities and equipment include 1 coke warehouse, 1 coal bunker, 3 rail weighbridges, 9 operating platforms, 22 railway lines; 2 excavators, 2 front lifts, 2 spiral coal unloaders, 4 coal pusher, 4 self-provided locomotives, 35 loaders, and 96 coke bins in coke warehouse.

3.Bafangda has advantages in railway transportation, at present, it is capable of undertaking railway transportation and handling operation of coke, coal, steel, metal ore, non-metallic ore, chemical fertilizers, chemicals and other goods, with an annual handling capacity up to 20 million tons.

4.Bafangda could undertake storage business, and has prepared to build cargo storage sheds with an area of more than 100,000 square meters that is expected to be completed by the end of the year, enabling its storage capacity to reach 150,000 tons.

5.Taking talents as the foundation and development as the premise, Bafangda has kept adhering to the work style of seeking truth, pragmatism and efficient execution, constantly innovating management thoughts, optimizing transportation organization and improving operation efficiency,  in order to provide customers with high-quality services and satisfy customers with pragmatic actions.

contact us
Shanxi Bafangda Railway Freight Transport Company

Contact Person: Mr. Wu

Phone No.: 18435980999

Address: South to No.1 Road, Shanxi Aluminum Plant, Hejin City, Shanxi Province

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