Shanxi Anlun Chemical Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Anlun Chemical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Sunlight Group. Being located in Wangjialing Circular Economy Industrial Park, Hejin City, Anlun Chemical is a new energy industrial enterprise mainly engaged in coal tar deep processing and carbon black production. In 2017, Shanxi Anlun Chemical Co., Ltd. was awarded as one of the “China Rubber Industry Association Top 100 Enterprises” and one of the “2017 Top 10 Chinese Carbon Black Enterprises”. Established in March 2016, Anlun Chemical completed restructuring in September of the same year. Anlun Chemical covers an area of more than 600 mu and has more than 700 employees. It also established a national-level R&D center and a carbon black sales company in Suzhou. At present, Anlun Chemical manages six production plants, including carbon black branch plant, power branch plant, refinery branch plant, storage and transportation department, maintenance branch plant and testing center. Currently, Anlun Chemical has an annual processing capacity of coal tar of 720,000 tons, an annual production capacity of carbon black of 350,000 tons and an annual power generation capacity of 30MW.

Various kinds of carbon black products produced by Anlun Chemical have been sold to tire manufacturers, rubber products manufacturers, conveyor belt manufacturers and other enterprises around the world, for which its main customers include:

Hankook Tire, Xiamen Zhengxin Rubber Industry Co., Ltd., Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd., Triangle Tire, Guangzhou Wanli Tire Co., Ltd., Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd., Guizhou Tire Co., Ltd., Pulin Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd., Shandong Hengfeng Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd., Qingdao Sentury, Jiangsu General Science Technology Co., Ltd., India Atg Tires, Thailand Deestone Tire, Da Nang Rubber Joint Stock Company and Thailand Vee Rubber.

To make full use of resources and realize circular economy, Anlun Chemical has adhered to the development strategy of “the integration of coal, coke, oil, gases, chemicals and materials” determined by Sunlight Group and continuously extended the industrial chains. It uses low-calorific fuels such as middling coal, coal slime, waste rock and carbon black tail gas to generate electricity; and produces carbon black through deep processing of anthracene oil, asphalt and coal tar. Anlun Chemical's scientific planning is closely linked to the main development route of “circular economy and clean energy”, and focuses on building the “Sunlight Industrial Mode” with the largest scale, best benefits, optimized technology route, completest cycle chain and strongest core competitiveness in the coal coking industry in China. At present, Anlun Chemical's coal tar processing capacity reaches 720,000 tons/year, ranking first in Shanxi Province in the aspect of industrial scale, with domestically leading technical equipment; it currently has 9 carbon black production lines with an annual production capacity of 350,000 tons, in which the annual production capacity of soft carbon black is 70,000 tons and the annual production capacity of hard carbon black is 280,000 tons, being the largest carbon black production base in the world. Anlun Chemical will build two new production lines in 2019, after that it will have 11 production lines in total with a production scale of 450,000 tons/year, which will be further improve to 500,000 tons/year in the future.

Anlun Chemical Carbon Black R&D Center, with a total investment of more than RMB 30 million, has officially put into operation in January 2016. Carrying the historical mission of enterprise transformation and upgrading, the establishment of Carbon Black R&D Center is a major strategic measure of Anlun Chemical to gather talents, improve independent innovation capability and lead enterprise development through relying on scientific and technological progress. Carbon Black R&D Center has not only provided services for Anlun Chemical itself, but also acted as an arbitration center for the surrounding areas in respect to the laboratory analysis and verification of technology, process and quality. At present, Carbon Black R&D Center is establishing its laboratory management system according to CNAS CL01 standards, perfecting laboratory management rules and regulations from many aspects including personnel, equipment, raw materials, testing methods and environmental protection, etc., and striving to obtain CNAS certification within 3 years.

product Introduction
Carbon Black

Carbon black is generated by incomplete combustion or cracking of hydrocarbons substance (including hydrocarbons and their derivatives), which mainly consists of carbon elements and exists in forms similar to spherical colloidal particles and aggregates. Carbon black is the most important reinforcing and filling material for high polymer materials such as rubber.

Carbon black is mainly used in the rubber industry, such as manufacturing tires, conveyor belts, v-type belts, rubber hoses, rubber shoes, wires and cables, oil seals and elastics, etc.. In addition, it could also be used in manufacturing inks, paints, dyes, pigments, color masterbatches and other materials.

The product varieties include N220, N330, N234, N375, N339, N326, N115, N660, N550, N774, AL1101, AL5506 and so on.

Anlun Products Introduction

At present, the main products in relation to coal tar deep processing include coal tar pitch, industrial naphthalene, washing oil, dephenolized phenol oil, light oil and crude phenol, among which coal tar pitch is mainly sold to carbon enterprises; industrial naphthalene is used for manufacturing water reducing agent, phthalic anhydride, refined naphthalene and dinaphthol; washing oil is sold to coking enterprises, oil blending enterprises, washing oil deep processing enterprises and dye enterprises; dephenolized phenol oil is sold to oil blending enterprises and deep processing enterprises; light oil is mainly sold to oil blending enterprises; crude phenol is mainly used for extracting phenol. The main products in relation to anthracene oil deep processing include refined anthracene, anthraquinone and carbazole, among which refined anthracene and anthraquinone are mainly used as fuel intermediates while carbazole is used as pigment intermediate. The main products in relation to industrial naphthalene deep processing include refined naphthalene and 2-naphthol, both of which are mainly used as dye and pigment intermediates.

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